What is our minimum age?

Our minimum age is 8, however we urge parents to use their best judgment before booking. All minors are required to have a parent present at all times. To ensure your child's safety and the safety of others we may determine they are unable to handle the axe. We have other options (foam axe throwing, bean bag toss, and more to come) to keep the family entertained.

Is axe throwing hard?

With everything there are naturals, however we have not seen a customer unable to stick an axe into the target. We would say it's easier than bowling and alot more fun. Most throwers catch on within about 10-15 throws, our experienced coaches will make sure you stick the axe before the end of your session. Be careful though axe throwing is very addicting.

Is axe throwing safe?

Yes! We keep a very controlled environment at the axe lounge. All throwers go through a safety brief, as well as coaching before they get to throw, and additional coaching throughout their session. A staff member is always present in the lanes making sure safety rules are followed. In addition our lanes, axes and targets are inspected in between each use. 

Can we accommodate large groups?

Yes! We can accommodate large groups please call (518)-901-0004 or email us at theaxelounge23@gmail.com to get more information about group bookings. 

Covid-19 protocol?

Masks are required in The Axe Lounge per the NYS mandate, in addition we sanitize high traffic areas in between each use (ie. axes, couches, tables, bathrooms) as well as daily disinfectant of the entire location. We are doing everything we can to keep The Axe Lounge safe for everyone. 
Tips for first timers

Remember to bring your closed toe shoes.

Walk-ins are always welcomed, but to ensure you won't be waiting for a lane (there's worse places to wait around then our lounge) reserve a lane here.

Safety is everything at The Axe Lounge, everyone at The Axe Lounge will receive proper training on safe handling and throwing of our axes. Better than that one of our coaches will always be available to help keep you throwing safely and accurately (let's be honest who doesn't want to hit that bullseye)

Unfortunately at this time outside axes are not permitted to be thrown in our facility (you can blame the lawyers)

What's the best thing about axe throwing?
Even if you miss the bullseye or the whole target you still will be throwing an axe and probably sticking it in the wall (please try to stick it in the target our walls are expensive)

What to expect:
The Axe Lounge LLC., is a unique, safe, and fun entertainment experience that offers axe throwing games to adults of all ages in a more relaxed atmosphere, a space designed with the sole purpose of putting our axe chuckers at ease.

You will first notice the rustic charm of The Axe Lounge LLC complete with scents of pine, the ever important touch of plaid and the sounds of hatchets sinking into their wooden targets. 
You will be warmly greeted by our staff and introduced to The Axe Lounge’s concept and atmosphere.

Axe throwing games are easy to play and score, and for our more advanced throwers a wide variety of game variations have been developed. Guests will be able to enjoy parties, corporate events, and even league play in cooperation with the World Axe Throwing League (WATL). Check our social media pages for information on our hosted special events, such as ladies nights, date nights and holiday related events. 

At The Axe Lounge safety is and always will be our number one concern. Considerable time is dedicated not only to our customers in their safety training but also to all of our employees. All employees of The Axe Lounge have received First Aid and CPR certifications from the Red Cross.
Still want to try axe throwing but unsure? Check out this list of benefits from axe throwing:

5 Reasons You Should Try Axe Throwing

Relieve Stress
Stress is something that everyone deals with. Whether it’s from long hours at the office, a big event coming up, or you’re managing a busy schedule, axe throwing is a fantastic way to relieve some of that stress that you’re experiencing. Being able to throw a heavy piece of steel into a giant piece of wood is a surprisingly great remedy for stress. When you’re able to do it over and over and over, you’re able to leave our axe throwing location feeling much better than when you came in.

Pros to turning to axe throwing as a means of relieving stress? It’s much more affordable than a therapist and is (in our opinion) much more fun!

Physical Activity
Being able to reap the benefits of physical activity without having to over exert yourself is always a win. Though axe throwing appears to be nothing but fun, it’s a surprisingly good workout! The best part about this is that you’ll have no idea just how hard you’re working until the day after when you’re a bit sore from getting a good throw of the axe (and from laughing so hard).

Out of the Box
Spending time with friends and coworkers is something that many of us are doing anyhow, but it’s easy to find yourself doing the same things over and over again. If you’re tired of heading to the bowling alley or movie theater, consider switching up your go-to activity with friends for a night throwing axes! This is something that, while popular, is still relatively new. If you and your friends haven’t already tried axe throwing, you absolutely want to get a session booked!

You Look Like a Bad Axe
Let’s face it, looking awesome is something that we can all appreciate. Sure, you look cool throwing a hot pink bowling ball down a lane and getting a strike, but not axe throwing cool. There really isn’t anything that compares to the level of awesome that you look while throwing an axe into a giant chunk of wood. With the help of our axe throwing professionals at The Axe Lounge, you can nail the technique and safety features so that you look like a total bad-axe when you’re hanging out with your friends.

Fun For All
The experience that you’ll have when visiting The Axe Lounge is easily the number one reason to book your axe throwing session. Regardless of whether or not you’ve participated in axe throwing before or not, it’s hard not to lose yourself in the fun of it all. When you pair the excitement of throwing axes with the company of great friends and family, you know you’re going to have a great time full of laughter and new experiences.
If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us with the form below 
and we will get back to you as soon as possible
Thank you!

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